C. Bryn Nelson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The C. Bryn Nelson Memorial Endowed Scholarship is available to an Education major with double degree in Elementary and Special Education. The recipient must be a traditional female student between the ages of 18 and 25; a junior, senior, or fifth year student in college; a 2.5 cumulative GPA must be maintained; and financial need is not required but may be considered when selecting recipient. The recipient must be enrolled for 12 credits or more each semester while receiving the scholarship; must be a graduate of a Montana high school or have earned a high school equivalency from a Montana home school, Montana charter school, or Montana G.E.D.; and the recipient must show evidence of volunteer work such as student government (except partisan political activities and any advocacy/special interest group activism), Special Olympics, hospice care, care for the disabled, care for those with special needs, care for the hospitalized, volunteer work in schools, etc.

C. Bryn Nelson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
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