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Abrahamson Family Endowed Scholarship

The Abrahamson Family Endowed Scholarship was established by Erna Abrahamson in memory of her husband, John. John attended Eastern Montana Normal School (now MSU Billings), earning his degree in 1931. He was a very good student, worked while attending college, and received scholarships. John often told Erna that he wouldn’t have been able to make it through school without the scholarship assistance. When John passed away in 1992, Erna decided to establish a scholarship endowment fund in his name to provide financial assistance to Montana and Wyoming students. Erna passed away in 2007. This scholarship was first awarded in academic year 2005-2006.


“I want you and your family to know that is award is nothing short of an absolute blessing to me. So much must be sacrificed when attending college just to afford ‘normal’ living expenses, book and materials, as well a precision time-management split between work, classes, and home/family. The stress of making financial ends meet makes the difference in whether the achievement of a degree is feasible for many students, particularly non-traditional ones. I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous financial support this will provide me.” – Tammy E., Human Resources major