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Absaroka Porsche Club Scholarship

The Absaroka Porsche Club is comprised of over 50 car enthusiasts from Billings, Bozeman, Eastern Montana and Northern Wyoming. They meet on a regular basis for tours, rallies, auto-crosses, Driver’s Education track days, and great social events. In 2005, the club started an all-German car show. Several year later, the car show developed into a European car show. In August each year, the Absaroka Porsche Club holds its All Euro Car Show at Veteran’s Park in Billings, Montana, near the campus of Rocky Mountain College. Proceeds from the show fund a scholarship for the City College at MSU Billings students enrolled in the automotive technology program. The first scholarship was awarded in academic year 2011-2012.


“I have been working really hard to achieve my goals of graduating college at MSU Billings with an Automotive Technician degree. I have always has a passion for the automotive industry, specifically German vehicles. I am finally in a mindset to overcome all obstacles in order to achieve my goals. I work full-time as an underground coal miner and I have a family to support on top of my full-time coursework. My tuition is currently paid out of pocket, so this scholarship gives me great peace of mind towards my financial needs and allows me to focus more on earning my degree.” – Luis M., Automotive Technology major