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Adella S. Hummel Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Adella S. Hummel was Dean of Girls at Billings Senior High School for several years. She battled with cancer and passed away October 30, 1980. In her memory, family and friends established the Adella S. Hummel Memorial Endowed Scholarship to provide financial assistance to a non-traditional students majoring in special education. The first scholarship was awarded in academic year 1984-1985.


“I am writing to give my most humble thanks for your generosity in providing the Adella S. Hummel Memorial Endowed Scholarship. I am honored to be chosen to receive this gift. I am currently a single mom to a wonderful little boy in kindergarten. After I divorced from my husband in 2012, I decided to move back to Montana to be with family. With my two-year-old son in tow, I knew I needed to return to college and gain my teaching certificate so I could provide for my son and show him that no matter what cards get dealt to you in this life, you have the power to play them as you see fit. I want to have my son look back on his life and know that his mom did everything she could to provide a stable environment for him. Again, I thank you so much for providing this scholarship and giving me a chance to continue my education. Your generosity is helping me achieve a goal that would be financially very difficult for me to obtain given my status. I will honor this blessing by always giving back to my community and to those in need. Thank you.” — Kari T., Art and Special Education major