Agricultural Background Scholarship

Growing up on a ranch south of Billings, Montana, Dawn Kern has always maintained an appreciation for the farmers, ranchers and members of small communities that make up the backbone of America. As a youngster and on the collegiate level, she was involved in 4-H, Future Farmers of America (FFA), PAS, and Montana AgriWomen. Shortly after earning degrees in Agriculture and Computer Science in North Dakota, Dawn worked at MSU Billings for three years, forming many friendships and a life-long tie to the University. As a first generation college graduate, she saw the importance of rural youth furthering their education, both for those remaining in the agricultural industry and for those who would be moving on. She believes the additional skills and knowledge, coupled with new life experiences earned at college are invaluable, even for those “returning to the farm.” Because of this and her close connection to MSU Billings, Dawn formed the Agricultural Background Book Scholarship, hoping to encourage rural youth to continue their pursuit of higher education by allowing them to lessen their financial burden on their way to reaching their goals. The first scholarship was awarded in academic year 2005-2006.


“My long-term goals are to work as a mechanic and eventually open my own repair shop. This scholarship will definitely help me achieve goals by lessening my debt load when I graduate. Once again, I would like to thank you for your generosity in offering this scholarship.” – Brandon H., Automotive Technology major