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Audrey June Cole Endowed Scholarship

Audrey June Cole was born January 8, 1927. Her childhood was not easy. She spent her teenage years with a foster family separated from her sisters. Despite lack of resources, she graduated in 1948 from St. Barnabus School of Nursing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After marrying Dr. Richard Cole, she moved to Montana where they raised their seven children. Audrey loved flowers, skiing, birds, and art. For more than 30 years, Audrey worked as a volunteer and nurse for the American Red Cross in Bozeman, Montana, becoming the head nurse in the Bozeman office. In 2002, she died of Alzheimer’s disease. A warm, kind woman, Audrey believed in the power of education. In memory of Audrey and her strong belief in education, her son, William, and his wife, Anne, established the Audrey June Cole Scholarship Endowment at MSU Billings in 2012. The scholarship will provide the financial assistance needed for City College at MSU Billings students to secure an education that will influence their current and futures lives. The first scholarship was awarded in academic year 2015-2016.


“I would like to take this time to extend my sheer gratitude to you for your gracious offer in the granting of this scholarship to me so I may continue my education and fulfill my dreams and the dreams I have for my child. By you granting me this money, I will not need to worry about making sure I have enough funds to attend school, continue working full-time, and caring for my child. No words can express how humble and blessed I am that you have chosen me to receive this award. Thank you again for seeing potential in me and the potential that my future holds.” – Cassandra F., Nursing major