Badovinac Family Scholarships

The Badovinac Family Scholarship was established to honor the memory of John Badovinac (1910-2001). John’s parents emigrated from Yugoslavia and settled in rural Montana. He briefly attended Roundup High School, worked in the area mines, and later sought vocational training in welding. He used that training to make his way in life and eventually founded several successful businesses. Despite John’s lack of formal education, he instilled the importance of higher education in his daughter, Marie, who was the first in her family to attend college and knew how difficult it can be, both emotionally and financially. Marie hoped by receiving financial help, the recipients of the Badovinac Family Scholarships will pay it forward and help future generations access a college education. The Badovinac Family Scholarship provides opportunities for rural Montana high school graduates to attend the City College at MSU Billings and obtain an education for specific job or trades. The first scholarships were awarded in academic year 2011-2012.


“Growing up in Central Montana, hard work, dedication, and a driven personality were instilled in my work ethic and daily life. By awarding me the Badovinac Family Scholarship, you have lightened the financial burden, allowing me to focus on the most important aspect of school — learning. I am committed to my radiology career and one step closer to giving back to those that have helped me, just as you have. Your generosity is deeply inspiring and I hop to give back to student and inspire them to achieve their goals just ass you have helped me.” – Kylee Y., Radiologic Technology major