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Billings Chapter of CPAs Scholarship

The Billings Chapter of CPAs is an organization of accounting professionals who are dedicated to offering accounting services to the general public. In 1983, the Billings Chapter of CPAs decided to annually fund a scholarship for MSU Billings upper level accounting students. The Billings Chapter of CPAs feel it is necessary to support their profession, their work force and future accountants in Montana. The first scholarship was awarded at MSU Billings in academic year 1983-1984.


“Thank you so much for helping to ease the burden of school expenses… As a wife and mother of two children under the age of four, the thought of going back to school was almost unbearable. My current responsibilities plus the fact that my husband is still pursing his own Bachelor’s degree almost deterred me from even investigating the possibility of going back to school. I want my kids to know that I worked hard when reaching for my goals and didn’t give up when it got hard. Teaching them to be self-sufficient is a high priority and I hope to be the example I need to be for them.” – Kristal M., Business Administration major with an Accounting option