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Carter and Betsy Mollgaard College of Business Endowed Scholarship

Carter and Betsy Mollgaard, business owners and philanthropists, established the Carter and Betsy Mollgaard College of Business Endowed Scholarship at MSU Billings in December, 2015. Carter graduated from Eastern Montana College (now MSU Billings) in 1976 with a business degree. His wife, Betsy, graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1974 with a French degree. After working with various companies in Billings and Salt Lake City, Carter became region sales manager for Frito-Lay in the San Francisco Bay area. While there, their first child was born. Wanting to raise their daughter in Montana, Carter and Betsy purchased M and C Beverage Inc. in Miles City, Montana, in 1989 from his parents and their partners. Carter and Betsy are firm believers in the value of education and wanted to give back to those in the 12 counties they serve in Southeastern Montana. Through their generosity, this endowed scholarship provides financial assistance to MSU Billings College of Business majors from Eastern Montana in perpetuity. The first scholarship was awarded in academic year 2016-2017.


“I wanted to personally thank you for the Carter & Betsey Mollgaard College of Business Endowed Scholarship and for giving me a tremendous opportunity to further my education. Along with others, the scholarship you have awarded will take care of almost all of my semester expenses. I will be a senior next year and will graduate with a Bachelors degree in business administration and a double minor in management and marketing. The ease of specialization in business was one of the deciding factors of MSUB for me. Business is all around us and there is no end of fields a degree in this subject can end up. Again, thank you for providing me with the opportunity to finish my higher education. I truly appreciate what a wonderful community that is here in Billings and at MSUB.” — Caitlin M., Business major