Chapman Lane Men's Soccer Alumni Endowed Scholarship

The opportunity to travel around the country and play college soccer with friends is a once in a lifetime experience. All MSU Billings soccer players have benefitted from the perks of this experience. Some of those benefits came in the form of lifelong friends, educational funding, and most assuredly, fun times. While the intercollegiate soccer experience is fun, the real goal of college is to get an education to help ensure future success in life. Moved by their personal experiences as part of the MSU Billings men’s soccer program, alumni Damian Wandler (2000-2004) and Jesse Spann (2002-2006) envisioned establishing an endowment that would support future men’s soccer players. By reconnecting alumni to the sports program that created so many fond memories, Damian and Jesse’s vision was realized in July 2017 and the Chapman Lane Men’s Soccer Alumni Scholarship Endowment was officially endowed. Named after the street that housed many soccer players and became their “home away from home,” the Chapman Lane Men’s Soccer Alumni Scholarship Endowment will provide scholarship funding for MSU Billings men’s soccer players who demonstrate success both on and off the field. The first scholarship from the endowment will be advertised and awarded for academic year 2018-2019.