M. C. Gallagher Endowed Scholarship

Merle C. “Mike” Gallagher was Superintendent of Schools for Billings School District #2 from 1937-1965. Mr. Gallagher’s leadership and his ability to work with the dedicated citizens who served on the school boards and the education staff during those 28 years firmly established a public school system that ranks with the finest. Mr. Gallagher passed away July 6, 2001. He will be remembered as a remarkably wise person, one with great strength of character and integrity who was devoted to his family, church, and community. In honor of Mr. Gallagher’s dedication to education, the Yellowstone Valley Retired Teachers and School Personnel Association established the M. C. Gallagher Endowed Scholarship in May 1999 to provide scholarship assistance to upper division education majors who are graduates of local public high schools.


“It sounds like Mr. Gallagher and I have a few things in common in our shared dedication to education. I have tried to involve myself with the school as much as I’m am able in order to fulfill my passion of education our future, Soon, with the continued support of the generosity of MSU Billings scholarship communities, I will be able to become a teacher and continue following my passions in education.” — Blake E., History Education major