Fletcher Courtnage-McKinsey Memorial Scholarship

Fletcher Courtnage-McKinsey (1992-2013) was a young man whose life was cut short just as he was preparing to begin his higher education. The Fletcher Courtnage-McKinsey Foundation, Inc. was created in his memory. Its purpose is to assist non-traditional students to further their education, improve potential job skills and encourage personal enrichment. Annual scholarships will be awarded.

Eligibility: Open to any Montana non-traditional student (as characterized by the National Center for Educational Statistics) who meets two or more of the following definitions:

  1. Delays enrollment (does not enter post-secondary education in the same calendar year that he or she finished high school);
  2. Attends part-time for at least part of the academic year;
  3. Is considered financially independent for purposes of determining eligibility for financial aid;
  4. Has a high school diploma or completed high school with a GED or other high school completion certificate;
  5. Open to any Montana resident meeting the non-traditional student eligibility criteria above who is seeking funding to attend a Montana two- or four-year college, university or technical school for any area of study on a full- or part-time basis.

Note: Foundation board members and their immediate family are not eligible for this scholarship.

Award criteria: Must meet the above eligibility criteria, complete the on-line application, and submit electronically a double-spaced, typed essay (12 point type) no longer than three pages in length on the following topic: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Amount: Two $500 scholarships will be awarded annually. The scholarship must be used in the academic year it is awarded.